Fronius Galvo Inverter


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The Fronius Galvo inverter is the smallest range of single phase inverters manufactured in Austria by Fronius. It ranges in size from 1.5kW which is perfect for use as an inverter replacement on older systems to 3kW which can be used for smaller solar power systems.

The Fronius Galvo has a host of impressive features which makes them one of the most future proof inverters in its class.

All Fronius inverters have an integrated energy management relay* which directs the electricity generated by your solar power system to run a specific appliance such as a pool pump or hot water system whenever there sufficient excess solar power to do so. This ensures maximum self-consumption of the electricity produced at all times. * requires installation of a Fronius Smart Meter

A host of other smart features are included with the Fronius Galvo inverter including:

  1. Integrated data logging with WiFi connection to your home internet.
  2. Free monitoring on any internet connected device such as your smartphone, tablet or computer. For more detailed monitoring on the go you can also install the Fronius SolarWeb Pro app which is available from your app store for a small fee.
  3. Integrated, fully compliant DC Isolator removes the requirement for external DC isolators adjacent to the inverter.
  4. Ability to install additional circuit boards for retrofitting additional functions.
  5. Very low start up voltage which Fronius Galvo inverters will start producing electricity earlier in the day and will continue to produce electricity later in the afternoon/evening.
  6. Maximum shade tolerance via the Fronius Dynamic Peak Manager. This is a very advanced algorithm which scans the entire voltage range of the solar panel array every 10 minutes to find the maximum power point and this can increase power production on partly shaded systems by 2.4%.


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