Tesla Powerwall 2


Tesla Powerwall 2

Install a Tesla Powerwall 2 and join the world’s transition to sustainable energy

Powerwall 2 is a battery for homes and small businesses that stores the sun’s energy and delivers clean, reliable electricity when the sun isn’t shining. Combine the Tesla Powerwall, solar power, solar hot water and an electric vehicle to create a zero emission lifestyle.

Most homes use a fraction of the solar energy they produce. Instead of sending excess solar energy into the grid, the Tesla Powerwall stores it for use any time. Combine solar and one or more Powerwalls to power your home independently from the utility grid.

With its built-in emergency power supply function the Powerwall protects your home during a power outage, keeping your lights, TV, Wi-Fi and refrigerator running.

Key Features:

  1. Usable Capacity: 13.5 kWh
  2. Depth of Discharge: 100%
  3. Efficiency: 90% round-trip
  4. Power: 7kW peak / 5kW continuous
  5. Supported Applications: Solar self-consumption, Time of use load shifting, Backup, Off grid
  6. Warranty: 10 years
  7. Scalable: Up to 9 Powerwalls
  8. Operating Temperature: -4° to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
  9. Dimensions: L x W x D: 44″ x 29″ x 5.5″ (1150mm x 755mm x 155mm)
  10. Weight: 264.4 lb / 110 kg
  11. Installation:
  12. Floor or wall mounted
  13. Indoor or outdoor