Fronius Primo Inverter


Fronius Primo Inverters

The Fronius Primo inverter is arguably the most popular solar inverter sold in Australia and they range in size from 3kW which is perfect for use on smaller systems all the way up to 8.2kW which can be used to install larger systems.

The Fronius Primo inverter has a number of features which ensures they are one of the most future proof inverters sold today.

All Fronius inverters have an integrated energy management relay * which can be used to direct solar energy to run a specific appliance such as a swimming pool pump whenever there is sufficient excess solar power. * requires installation of a Fronius Smart Meter

A host of other smart features are included with the Fronius Primo inverter including:

  1. Built-in data logging functionality with WiFi connectivity to your homes internet.
  2. Free monitoring  of your system data on any internet connected device such as your smartphone, tablet or computer. For more detailed monitoring on your smartphone or tablet you can also install the SolarWeb Pro app which is available from your app store for a small fee.
  3. Compliant, Integrated DC Isolator
  4. Ability to plug-in additional cards in the future for retrofitting additional functions as and when they become available.
  5. Low start up and wide operating voltage window which means the inverter will start producing energy earlier in the morning and will continue to produce energy later in the evening.
  6. Dynamic Peak Manager which minimises the impact of shade on your solar panels. This is achieved by the inverter scanning the solar array entire voltage range every 10 minutes to find the maximum power point.


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