LG Mono X Plus


LG Mono X Plus Solar Panels

The 5th generation Mono X solar panels benefit from years of research from LG. They are designed for maximum efficiency and performance and offer an impressive 12 year manufacturers warranty and a 25 year performance guarantee.

Key Features:

LG Mono X Appearance

Aesthetically pleasing. LG Mono X Plus solar panels have a black frame and black cells giving an overall uniform black appearance.



Increased power per m2. LG Mono X Plus solar panels are similar in size to standard 260 watt panels and produce up to 15.4% more electricity per m2.



12 year parts and labour warranty. 2 years longer than most other solar panels and inclusiveof parts and labour. Warranty backed by LG Australia.



25 year performance warranty. Industry leading linear performance warranty that is up to 4.6% higher than competitors.



Proven performance. LG Mono X Plus solar panels consistently outperform competitors in real world comparison tests.



Salt Mist Corrosion. LG Mono X Plus solar panels are tested and certified at the highest level for salt mist corrosion and can safely be installed along our coastlines.



LG Solar Panels Quality Control

Quality Control. Manufacturing of LG solar panels in their state of the art factory is constantly monitoring to ensure their uncompromising standards are maintained.



LG Solar Panels Anti Reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating. LG use anti-reflective coatings on both the glass and the solar cells to ensure as much light as possible is absorbed into the solar cells.



LG Solar Panel - Temperature Performance

Excellent performance in high temperatures. As temperature increases the output from solar panels decreases, LG solar panels outperform others in hot conditions.



LG Solar Panels - Low Light

Low light performance. LG solar panels are engineered to outperform in low light conditions, at 200W/m2 LG panels produce 50% more energy than standard panels.



LG Solar Panels - LID

LID. Light induced degradation is a serious issue however LG’s new LiLy technology actively reduces the initial degradation of solar cells when exposed to light.



LG Solar Panels - Extensive Testing

Extensive Testing. LG Solar Panels are tested between 2 and 4 times the required international standards which ensures they will stand the test of time.



LG Cyclone Testing

Cyclone wind resistance. LG Solar Panels have doubled walled frames and are certified to withstanding wind forces up to 5400 pascals vs 2400 for others.



LG Solar Panels - Positive watt tolerance

Positive watt tolerance. A 300 watt LG Solar panels will be tested to produce a minimum of 300 watts up to a maximum of 309 watts. Get the watts you pay for.



LG Solar Panels Anti PID

Anti-PID Technology. Potential Induced Degradation affects the long term performance of solar panels, LG Solar Panels have Anti-PID techonology to prevent this.